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We started from humble beginnings. Soap making started in my family with great-grandmother Emma. She was known for her soap that she made in a big kettle with pot ash. Somehow her art of soap making was lost with the generations that followed, but was revitalized again with me as I searched for natural products.

I have always have had a love for all things natural and artistic from natural hair to natural beauty products. It started out as a hobby years ago by making glycerin soaps and body butters for my own personal use. During this time, in 2007, I decided to open a natural online beauty supply (Aziza Beauty Supply) to promote natural beauty products for multicultural consumers. I enjoyed serving our customers with these wonderful hair and skin care products. Still there was a desire for something more.

My “hobby” elevated to making cold process and hot process soaps for our own personal use. I started to give out my surplus to family and friends. They came back wanting more and vowed not to use anything else on their skin. In January 2009, I decided to start Brown Sugar Naturals™. It has been a journey for me and I hope that you will enjoy the products!


Brown Sugar Naturals Owner

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