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Complexion Soap

Complexion Soap

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This soap is great to brighten dull, oily skin. Infused with bentonite clay to help pull out impurities in the skin. Approx 5-6 oz.

Ingredients used in our complexion soap and the benefits:

Olive Oil - promotes clear glowing skin
Coconut Oil - antiviral, anti fungal properties helps to pull out toxins from skin
Castor Oil - emollient for dry skin, helps to detoxify skin
Palm Oil - moisturizing, antibacterial, rich in vitamins A & E
Shea Butter - great moisturizer, slows down the aging process, promotes skin healing
Cocoa Butter - natural antioxidant, promotes healing of dark spots and various skin ailments 
Vegetable Glycerin - natural humectant derived from palm or coconut oil, helps to soften and smooth skin
Bentonite Clay - helps to pull out toxins and helps the body to heal damaged skin
Lime Essential Oil - brightens dull skin

We recommend using this soap 2 to 3 times a week for deep cleansing. Due to the purifying properties of this soap you may notice a pimple or two that develops. Give the product some time to work before discontinuing. If you have nut allergies, we do not recommend that you use this soap due to the shea butter that is used.