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Here at Brown Sugar Naturals™, we make wonderful handcrafted soaps, body butters and hair products that are naturally based and are paraben and Sodium Laurel Sulfate (SLS) free! Our products contain the best natural ingredients that we can find. Many of our products are infused with natural herbs and teas for the ultimate skin and hair nourishing experience. We strive to bring quality products that you will love and come back for more. We hope our site will provide you with the much needed resources you'll need to care for yourself naturally.

With the rise of people being more conscious of what they are putting on their bodies, there are more natural product companies showing up in the past years. Many consumers may be weary of which natural company to try, so why should you shop with Brown Sugar Naturals™?

♥ All our products are handmade with love and we strive for excellence in our products.

♥ We use quality ingredients that are edible, but also great for your skin and hair. (Please note that we do not recommend that you eat our products, we are simply stating that the majority of our ingredients are edible!)

♥ Our products are Paraben Free, Sodium Laurel Sulfate Free, & Preservative Free.

♥ We try to educate you on natural ingredients and share some natural recipes that you can try at home.

♥ We are constantly researching natural ingredients to bring to you in the form of a new product.

♥ We provide exceptional customer service and we are always looking for your input!

Soap making started in my family with great-grandmother Emma. She was known for her soap that she made in a big kettle with pot ash. Somehow her art of soap making was lost with the generations that followed, but was revitalized again with me as I searched for natural products.

I have always have had a love for all things natural and artistic from natural hair to natural beauty products. It started out as a hobby years ago by making glycerin soaps and body butters for my own personal use. During this time, in 2007, I decided to open a natural online beauty supply (Aziza Beauty Supply) to promote natural beauty products for multicultural consumers. I enjoyed serving our customers with these wonderful hair and skin care products. Still there was a desire for something more.

My “hobby” elevated to making cold process and hot process soaps for our own personal use. I started to give out my surplus to family and friends. They came back wanting more and vowed not to use anything else on their skin. In January 2009, I decided to start Brown Sugar Naturals™. It has been a journey for me and I hope that you will enjoy the products!



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