Oatmeal Soap - Unscented

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 Our oatmeal soap is packed with skin loving ingredients. We add colloidal oatmeal for a truly skin nourishing experience. Great for dry irritated skin including eczema, psoriasis, sunburn, sores, chicken pox, poison ivy, oak or sumac, shingles, prickly heat, and other skin rashes. This soap comes in scented and unscented.



How to write product descriptions that sell
One of the best things you can do to make your store successful is invest some time in writing great product descriptions. You want to provide detailed yet concise information that will entice potential customers to buy.

Keep three things in mind:

Think like a consumer
Think about what you as a consumer would want to know, then include those features in your description. For clothes: materials and fit. For food: ingredients and how it was prepared. Bullets are your friends when listing features — try to limit each one to 5-8 words.

Find differentiators
Pepper your features with details that show how the product stands out against similar offerings. For clothes: is it vintage or hard to find? For art: is the artist well known? For home décor: is it a certain style like mid-century modern? Unique product descriptions not only help you stand out, they improve your SEO.

Keep it simple
Provide enough detail to help consumers make an informed decision, but don’t overwhelm with a laundry list of features or flowery language. Densely pack your descriptions with useful information and watch products fly off the shelf.